"I never expected to have to fight Goliath; the process is completely overwhelming. I have worked for the government for 20 years and I trusted them to take care of their employees. I never understood how quickly my life could change. I would never have made it through the twists and turns of dealing with the government without the help of someone who really knew what they were doing. I would have given up long ago without the help of Rosemary, who has given me and my family hope that this will all end with a positive outcome, that it really is possible to start rebuilding our lives again."


RW, Pocatello, Idaho



"I want to thank you for doing this excellent job. It is everything I wanted to say but didn't know how. Even if my case doesn't go to a hearing you have told them the truth. My reputation is what really means the most to me. I worked hard all those years and all I care about is that everyone knows I am not the worker they made me out to be. At least I will be able to leave the Federal Government in peace. I owe you much. You are a great attorney."

MT, Alexandria, Virginia



“I had already exhausted a search in my state for a lawyer specializing in EEO Title VII Civil Rights cases and was directed to pursue my quest with several lawyers in the Washington DC area. None specialized in EEO Civil Rights cases, but I was advised that Rosemary Dettling was definitely the lawyer I wanted for my EEO/Civil Rights case. That statement proved to be absolutely correct. Ms. Dettling is savvy, formidable, keen, quick to identify an effective course of action, extremely articulate and knowledgeable and consistently exhibits a forceful yet professional, respectful and classly style of defense. I have been working closely with Ms. Dettling for 1.5 years and I am without a doubt that I have retained the best EEO/Civil Rights defense lawyer for my case hands down."


JS, Elkins, WV



"After contacting several lawyers in my local area, it became evident that I would need a lawyer well-versed in Federal employee's rights under OPM law and regulations. I spoke to two firms in the Washington, D.C. area and was most impressed by Rosemary Dettling's common-sense approach to my legal needs and her patience and understanding in dealing with these matters. She discussed all the legal options, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and updated me on these matters as she and I obtained additional information about the information filed against me. She helped immensely in helping me make the best choices by considering my particular needs, my situation, and my options.”


EH, New York, NY



“Ms. Dettling is a fine attorney. I have worked with attorneys for nearly 35 years and would like to say that I can identify the best. Ms. Dettling was able to review a complex discrimination case, and prepare a motion within days. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case to date, and I expect that she will prevail not only in my case but many others to come. If you are looking for an attorney that is professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable, Ms. Dettling is the attorney you want working for you. She is without equal.”


MD, Arlington, VA



“I went to your website today and was very impressed by the testimonials.  I wholeheartedly agree with the comments made by your clients.  You are an outstanding attorney, and I am fortunate that I found you.  I was extremely disappointed after being misadvised by my previous counsel, and I had given up when by a stroke of luck, I saw your website and wrote you about my situation.   Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my e-mail and discussing my case with me. You understood my situation and immediately began working on my case.  Now, thanks to you, my issues are being addressed by the EEOC Judge.  Regardless of the outcome, I will always be thankful to you.  You have given me a chance that would have otherwise been lost if it was not for your knowledge and compassion for others in the pursuit of justice in the federal employment legal system.”
RE, Myrtle Beach, SC


“Within the first few minutes of our telephone conversation, I knew that Ms. Dettling understood what was happening to me. Ms. Dettling was able to weed out irrelevant issues and bring the focus of EEO misconduct forward, to the Administrative Judge. My case was complex at times, and I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the system and its legal terms. Ms. Dettling reassured me about the developments of my case and was always straightforward and patient when answering my questions.


I am not assigned to the Washington DC area and I could only speak with Ms. Dettling via telephone. The distance was irrelevant to my case, as Ms. Dettling was able to complete all needed documents via email and fax, in a most timely fashion. After eighteen months of involvement with my case, Ms. Dettling’s additional strengths were shown when she arrived for the EEOC Hearing. The agency never took my complaint seriously, instead making up issues about me, where there were none. After Ms. Dettling’s cross-examination, it is to their regret, I’m most certain. I am very grateful to have met Ms. Dettling.”


JA, Houston, TX



“Rosemary took my case in May of this year. When I thought about going up against a Federal Government agency, I was nervous, Rosemary was not! I was so impressed with her professional attitude, positive demeanor and strong knowledge of my rights. She worked had to force the defendants attorneys to turn over necessary documentation. She fought hard to ensure all evidence and witnessed were admitted. She was always going the extra mile to get things done. She cared about my case and fought hard for me. My case was settled out of court with a positive outcome on my behalf. I could not have done it without Rosemary and I will be forever grateful.”


RS, West Virginia



“When I finally was able to locate an attorney that was experienced in federal government employee/employment issues I was truly at my wits end. There are a lot of attorneys out there who deal with all sorts of legal issues surrounding disability compensations, etc., but finding experienced legal experts who understand the civilian federal government employment issues is very difficult. Having 27 years of federal government employment years, and suddenly having to deal with the possibility of losing my position based on issues totally outside of my control, I was, sufficed to say, fearful of the possible outcomes. I’ve never had to retain the services of an attorney on any issues in my 49 years — and I was very insecure about the whole attorney/client process. Ms. Dettling put my insecurities to rest during our first initial phone contact just by her assurances that she would represent me by maintaining my interests and needs were going to be her primary concern.


Ms. Dettling’s approach and business/legal acumen in dealing with my agency produced an excellent settlement, and my life has taken an absolutely positive direction. I am truly grateful for her excellent legal services and would recommend her to anyone who would ever have to deal with federal government employment issues, or any other legal matters. Her recommendations and decisions based on the variables in my case made for a very smooth, and stress free transition for me. I trusted her, and she delivered. My settlement was much more than I ever expected. Thanks Rosemary!”


PC, Louisville, KY



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